Appointment booking program

Appointment booking and billing management program for institutions and service provision centers that need systems to organize their appointments and manage them fully in terms of organizing appointments, accounts, sales and invoices, and also to know all the data related to the customer from sales invoices to service reservation appointments with financial management for each customer and knowing the customer’s balance. And paid in full

Therefore, we have provided all services related to booking appointments and managing invoices in a complete and easy-to-use manner. It is possible to manage and see today’s appointments, upcoming appointments, and the status of each appointment, including attendance, delay, no-show, apology, and add it as a points balance to each client’s account and show it in his account.

With an integrated billing and sales system that works easily so that you can meet customer requests and sell different products to each customer easily and conveniently. We provide many systems with high professionalism and printing capabilities for every appointment and every day and print all information within our program.

Product features

  • Add and display reservations in an easy and flexible way.
  • View clients and files for each client.
  • A complete system to control client services.
  • An evaluation system for each customer to know the status of reservations.
  • A system for displaying a personal profile for each customer.
  • The ability to view all reservations.
  • Distribution of tasks between supervisors, managers and employees
  • Control the entire reservation system
  • The ability to display reservations for a full month on the calendar
  • Ability to search for reservations
  • The ability to alert the customer through the application about reservations, their dates, and previous reservations
  • A system for the services provided and controlling each service.
  • An integrated system for products and adding them to the warehouse.
  • An integrated billing system linked to customer accounts.
  • An integrated accounting system to display complete customer payments and purchases.
  • System for evaluating customers, attendance, canceling appointments and delays.
  • An easy and flexible control system that can be controlled from anywhere.
  • Working with ERP systems and browsing the program from anywhere
  • The possibility of creating applications for the program that work through smart phones
  • Connecting to the mobile phone and the ability to browse the program from anywhere
  • Full compatibility with modern web standards
  • Get applications for customers to book an appointment directly through the applications