Usage policy

When you subscribe to one of the services of Saudi Hosting, you are considered to have fully agreed to abide by the usage policy and all registered terms and laws. Saudi Hosting is committed not to sell your information to any person or authority, whatever it may be, including your email, but we use mail to send promotional messages from time to time and have the right You may request that we not contact you or close your account at any time.

General terms of use policy:

Any of our services are not provided unless half the amount is paid or the full amount is paid.

In the event that you request a service from our service and there is a delay in depositing the amount, the order will be considered void after a week from its date.

Prices on the site are considered fixed and cannot be reduced except during special offers.

Unfortunately, “Saudi Hosting” does not provide any services for free at all or for non-monetary compensation.

Direct speaking is primarily for sales, and the employee has the right to ask the customer to open a ticket instead of speaking to him directly.

In the event of violating the terms, Saudi Hosting may impose a fine to restore the service, which it estimates, and it has the right to determine the price without putting it in the terms.

We do not provide any of the requested services or support except to the applicant and his data registered with us only.

The contract period and the periods mentioned in the contracts are the actual working days for the service and do not include modification periods or modification requests

It is not permissible for any customer to delete the Saudi Hosting rights from the bottom of the site without returning to Saudi Hosting and allowing him to delete the rights or the link at a fee estimated by the organization.

“Saudi Hosting” has the right to change any of the terms on this page at the time it deems appropriate, and the customer must follow the terms even if he does not receive a notification.

Obligations of the company’s clients:

Live chat is for sales only, and the customer does not have the right to request technical support via the direct chat service. Technical support is only limited to tickets.

The customer must fully maintain his membership, and the customer bears full responsibility for the loss of signed files in the event that his membership data on our website is hacked.

It is prohibited to attack the company’s employees using words or insults directly or indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally, and we will deal strictly with this matter, and your service may be permanently suspended without recovering any amount.

Defamation of institutions. Recently, we find that most of the Internet users who are website owners have the closest thing to defamation, and we do not need such actions for any reason whatsoever. The contract between you and the institution is considered void in the case of defamation, and you are not entitled to claim any rights.

The information registered with us is considered our identity, and if you lose everything in your account, such as your mobile number or email, we will ask for a copy of your ID. If the information in the membership is different from the information in the personal ID, we will not deliver the membership to you, so be sure to put all the information correctly.

Any money paid will not be refunded before 30 days have passed from the date of requesting service cancellation, evaluating what was done by Saudi Hosting, and transferring the remainder to the customer’s account.

Saudi Hosting Commitments:

When you subscribe to one of the Saudi Hosting services, the company is obligated to provide the best services

When you register for Saudi Hosting, all your data is strictly confidential and no party has the right to view it unless you request it.

We do not sell your personal data or your location data to any party, whatever it is, including email. If you request to view it, a copy of your personal ID will be sent.

In the event that the customer’s subscription period expires, Saudi Hosting is committed to making a backup copy, and you have the right to request it within a period not exceeding 24 hours only.

Saudi Hosting is committed to giving the customer a special plate for the domain if he requests it.

Saudi Hosting is committed to protecting the domain from fraud. In the event that the term of the domain expires, the customer has the right to pay the service fees to renew the domain. In the event that the fees are not paid to renew
Saudi Hosting completely disclaims any responsibility for the loss or damage of any domain

Saudi Hosting is committed to providing the agreed-upon space or specifications and preparing it within one hour and up to 24 hours of confirming receipt of the fees.

Saudi Hosting is committed to providing technical support for the service provided only and is responsible for backing up the site on the same server daily, weekly and monthly.

Saudi Hosting does not provide technical support through direct chat. Direct chat is for sales only. If you encounter any problem, you must write a new ticket.

Terms of website hosting and resellers:

Mass mailing and spamming of mailing lists is prohibited. The owner of the violating site shall bear the resulting damage and his site shall be closed immediately and the customer shall be fined and not entitled to claim the rest of his financial dues.

The customer has no right to cause any harm to Saudi Hosting. The contract between you and the company is considered binding on both parties, and this agreement is valid until the contract is cancelled. He has the right to move after paying the fees for additional services. Each contract between you and Saudi Hosting is considered an independent contract that ends at the end of the agreed upon contract date.

Consuming system resources and harming the server falls under the responsibility of the website owner. If it is confirmed that the customer is trying to harm one of the servers or consuming system resources such as the processor, memory, or network using harmful or prohibited scripts, this will lead to the site being closed immediately without refunding the amounts paid, and the customer will be fined for the value of the damages.

It is prohibited to use programs that provide free services to visitors, such as hosting or any type of services provided to other website owners. The space (site) and services provided to the customer are intended for the customer’s use only

It is prohibited to host the following content or anything related to hacking, espionage, or all malicious programs, viruses, sexual and pornographic materials, or those that violate the Islamic religion or public morals, and the owner of the violating site will bear the severe damage.